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dating tips for newbies

Be Safe

This is a no brainer. Use caution when planning first dates.

Boundaries are Important

It is ok to have standards and ideals in a mate. Address them. If you are a match great, if not, move on.

Be Confident

Confidence is knowing what you want out of love and not being afraid to speak freely about it.

Have a Sense of Humor

Dating can be awkward. Go with the flow and have some humor about it

Keep an Open Mind

Before you judge someone, or think they are not my type, keep an open mind – you never know what gem you may find in the ruff.

Don’t Take Mismatches Personally

Every date it not going to work out perfectly. If you are not a match then just try again.

Call it Off Early

If they are clearly looking for something different, no reason to beat around the bush – if it does not feel right, admit it.

Be Yourself Always, and Be Kind

Never tone it down; be as bold or as soft-spoken as you feel.

Change of Scenery

Maybe you need to change up your vibe if dates are not going great. Sometimes a change of location can bring new light.

To Pay or Not to Pay

Whether or not they pay on the first date doesn't predict much. If you Openly discuss this topic it will never be awkward. Honest communication.

Be Honest About What You Want

What do you REALLY want? Love, just a date, just sex? Say it – admit it and don’t waste anyone’s time.

Laugh Out Loud

Laughter makes life amazing. So have fun, relax and laugh.

Express Values

No reason to waste time. Ask what they value in life. What they see in their future.

Read the Signs

If they abruptly seem uninterested, they probably are uninterested. If they seem crazy about you, they probably are crazy about you.

Forget Timelines and Dating Advice

Trust your gut - You got this - You will do great! Love has no time limits, take your time.

Cheers to Love, Laughter
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